Investment & Installation of a new Laser


Support regional youth team of BSG Stahl Riesa with new jersey set

New innovative Truck design

Support regional team with new jersey set


In Oktober the next generation with Franz Nowotnik starts working in the company.


Enlargement of the Firm-Name


Lauchging a new roller-shutter-profile-machine for procuding foamed filled slats (N97).


Certifications for Welding and self-controlled production after EN 1090


Axel Nowotnik takes over the company after Hans-Peter Nowotnik retired.


Expansion of the production-area to 3200 sqm with build a new hall.


Hans-Peter & Axel Nowotnik sharing the company business.


Move in the new company building.


Start of construction on the new location Lommatzscher Straße in Riesa.


At the big flood the company was entirely covered in water (7 foot)

1996 – 1997

1996 Bought a property with 5000sqm in the industrial area “Röderau Süd” 1997 Moving in the new company with office building and production hall.


Individual production of fittings for seats and other object-related batch productions for cinemas, theaters, colleges and sports facilities, followed by small batches of tools for the veterine medicne and armatures for water treatment plants and tank systems.

1980 – 1990

During the 80s the production range was expand many times. Mass-production of special pallets for the vehicle-construction, garbage-container, stamping-goods, infant-beds, customized traffic signs and transport racks for the pharmacy. At that time the company had a number of 10 employees, which was the maximum required from the government.

1974 – 1980

The production spectrum extended with manufacture press-form-parts for office furniture and tenterhooks with special threads.


Hans-Peter Nowotnik takes over the company.

1950 – 1970

Development and series production of medical technology gadgets in different kinds and lock-ring-clutches


The Company was founded by the master machinist Konrad Kramer and built in Röderau near Riesa. In the early years the main business was just offering different services for the agriculture and reparations of any kind.